AUDIENCES for Publishers

Monetisation of audiences across digital is a key objective for many publishers, with valuable subscriber bases the ability to segment and target groups is essential. AUDIENCES for Publishers delivers the leading solution for enabling monetisation at scale.

With the publisher and advertising eco-system becoming increasingly complex AUDIENCES for Publishers provides the industry leading solution for connecting your advertisers to your most relevant and valuable segments. Enable your marketing and advertising operations teams to accelerate planning and activation.

By working from within your enterprise architecture AUDIENCES for Publishers reduces timelines to activation whilst inheriting your security & privacy protocols to ensure the highest governance and standards.


Implement AUDIENCES for Publishers in under 4 weeks, delivered directly into you existing enterprise architecture our application is containerised and utilises your 1st party data sources made available to it.
Define and activate user segments at speed through the AUDIENCES for Publishers interface. Save and automate data flows to continue updates to segments for targeting across your own platforms and products but also off network.
Wholly operating from within you enterprise architecture AUDIENCES for Publishes conforms to your organisations data governance and standards, thus providing unrivalled security and privacy levels.

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1st Party Customer Data for Advertising
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