AUDIENCES for Advertisers

Brands want to use 1st party data (their customer data) to drive advertising activities. Traditional marketing methods of building addressable audiences through the use of 3rd party data and cookies have been significantly compromised through regulation (GDPR & CCPA) and broader attitudes to consumer privacy.

When handling and processing customer data the ownership of permissions & consent dictates governance and in this scenario preserving 1st party status is key. As soon as customer data leaves a brands infrastructure both privacy & security are compromised and it is for this reason that so few succeed in fuelling their advertising activities with 1st party data - For example less than 4% of digital advertising benefits today.

AUDIENCES for Adverisers is a direct strike on this issue, as a cloud native application it provides safe and secure delivery of 1st party data to advertising platforms directly from a brands infrastructure with no compromise to privacy or security. This approach has been made possible by the widespread adoption by brands of cloud computing via cloud platforms such as AWS/GCP/Azure - Enabling this approach for brands, whether legacy or greenfield


Implement AUDIENCES in less than 4 weeks and accelerate towards activation of 1st party customer data, extensible data schemas and connectors enabling activities to scale in sophistication and volume over time
Create, manage, publish, control and clone audiences from within the application. Built with data oriented marketers and marketing orientated analysts in mind, AUDIENCES provides a balance of templated processes and custom controls
Inheriting the information security standards & protocols of your cloud infrastructure AUDIENCES is built to live natively within your enterprise environment and conform to existing governance

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1st Party Customer Data for Advertising
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